The Philadelphia City Alderman-At-Large Update


According to the Philadelphia City Clerk’s Office, Alderman-At-Large candidates Leroy Clemons and James Carson Waltman recently filed official paperwork in order to have access to the boxes of ballots and documents from the election. Both were in attendance at City Hall with their respective attorneys on Friday. They were allowed to review everything in the boxes and take notes.  A Philadelphia City Clerk, as well as City Attorney Robert Thomas were also present at all times. The meeting lasted 10 hours and ended at 8pm. The certified results still stand but can still be contested at this point. James Carson Waltman is set to be sworn in as the new Alderman-At-Large for Philadelphia.

The swearing in ceremony for Municipal officials is scheduled for June 30th at Philadelphia City Hall. Officials will take office on July 1st.

***Incumbent Leroy Clemons received 669 votes and James Carson Waltman, 670 votes.