The Scarecrows Are Coming!


The Scarecrows are coming. “The Main Street Chamber of Leake County is decorating the county with a “Scarecrow” contest. Businesses across the county are encouraged to join in the fun by placing a Main Street Chamber Scarecrow at their locations says Russell Baty, Leake County Main Street Chamber Director.”

Beginning September 21st through November 1st residents will be urged to vote for the best Scarecrow of Leake County. The business with the most votes will be deemed “Leake County Scarecrow of the Year.” One winner will be chosen from the votes submitted and receive a $100 in “Leake County Bucks” to be used at any of the participating merchants. You may purchase a scarecrow from the MSC for $20 each for members or use your own with a $10 registration fee for MSC members.  Non members  can still participate. For $25.00 you can reserve a MSC scarecrow or register your own for 15.00. To reserve your scarecrow or for more information please call 601-267-9231.