The Town With No Police Department (And Still None After Tuesday’s Vote)


DEKALB, Miss.–DeKalb has no police department and hasn’t since 2016. The Kemper County town, which is east of Philadelphia, cut their PD because they didn’t have the money, and apparently they still don’t.

Mayor Clark Adams expressed his frustration to our Newsgathering partners at WTOK News Center 11 after a vote to reinstate the police department failed Tuesday.

“I feel like it will happen,” he said. “But, our goal now is to work more on the budget so when it comes up again we’ll have money in place.”

When it came time for the vote, Clark had the support of only one of the aldermen.

The others felt the money was just not there, even though some said they’d like to see the town have their police department back.

For now, the, the sheriff’s department is providing protection and answering calls in the city.