Tyson Foods Makes $18M Investment in Walnut Grove




Tyson Foods is pleased to announce an $18 million investment in the Mississippi economy, expanding the company’s hatchery in Walnut Grove, Mississippi. The project is expected to increase the hatchery’s capacity to hold chicks and eggs, specifically contributing to operational efficiency at its nearby Forest and Carthage, Mississippi poultry processing facilities.

“We are excited to end 2022 with an economic investment in the state of Mississippi with the expansion of our Walnut Grove hatchery,” said David Bray, Tyson Foods’ group president of poultry. “This project demonstrates our commitment to operational excellence at all Tyson Foods facilities, and our long-term commitment to the Mississippi communities that make all that we do possible.”

The project will be completed in phases, with an expected final design plan to be set in motion by December 2022. Construction on the 16,000 square-foot expansion is slated to last just over a year, with completion by early 2024.

The expanded hatchery will create new job opportunities for the residents of Walnut Grove, Forest, Carthage, and the surrounding areas. Open positions will include supervisors, general labor, contract labor and driver roles.

“There’s no doubt Tyson Foods has become an integral part of our community’s economic success. We look forward to increasing our impact and welcoming new team members in 2023,” said Mack Walker, live operations manager.

Interested applicants are encouraged to visit www.tysonfoods.com/careers to learn more about open positions at the Walnut Grove hatchery, and nearby Carthage and Forest facilities.

The expansion will also create new contract opportunities for prospective poultry farmers. To learn more about farming opportunities with Tyson Foods, visit https://www.farmwithtyson.com/.

The project is also part of three investments made in Mississippi beginning in 2021. Tyson Foods’ most recent investment in the state was a $90 million expansion to the company’s Forest processing plant. In total, Tyson has a $339 million annual impact in the state and supported more than 3,400 team members in Mississippi.