Video: trees come down near radio station as work continues for new tower


Trees are coming down on all around the Boswell Media studio on Golf Course Road in Kosciusko.

Work crews are clearing trees from around the building as work continues on erected a new radio tower.

Cleaning crews from Kosciusko Water & Light, Central Electric Power Association, T&K Farms, and Johnathan Steed have been working since Monday.

A tree was responsible for knocking down the station’s old radio tower on Wednesday, Sept. 2. It fell on one of the tower’s support wires.

The work crews will continue to clean off the area throughout the end of the week.

Boswell Media CEO Johnny Boswell said the new tower should be in from Virginia next week.

However, before it can be put up, more foundation work has to be completed to be able to safely set and anchor the tower.

Boswell gave a time frame of 3 months for when the tower construction could be completed.