What They Tried to Bring to the Jail: Contraband at the Kemper/Neshoba Lockup


KEMPER COUNTY, Miss.–Four people have been arrested for trying to bring contraband into the Kemper Neshoba County Jail. What they didn’t count on was that everything at almost any jail is on camera.

Candice Robinson, Zydarion Hughes and Brittany Griffin were arrested, accused of bringing packs of tobacco, cigarettes and marijuana to the jail and trying to get it to inmate Eugene Palmer. Investigator Michael Mattox, talking to our newsgathering partners at WTOK News Center 11, said Palmer is the one who came up with the plan.

Mattox said when the three were arrested, they also had pliers and bolt cutters that Mattox believes were going to be used to cut the fense.

“Two of the guards saw a person on the grounds in the backside of the jail. They pursued them on foot. The person dropped two bags of contraband on the property and fled,” said Mattox.

He said deputies waited about an hour and caught them when they tried to leave by car.

Eight cell phones were also found and some of the contraband was in a bag labeled “Teamwork Make the Dream Work”.

“I think that the outstanding job that the correctional officers did, the quick response by the deputy sheriffs and the teamwork as a whole made this dream work here. It’s what we need to do every day to keep people from breaking into the jail,” said Mattoxd. “If you want to come to jail, come down here and go to work. Don’t come down here to live. Don’t come down here to assist criminals, don’t do that.”