Why Gas Prices Could Be Cheaper


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Mississippi has some cheap gas prices compared to the national average, but it could be cheaper, and the culprit is something that’s been gone for two weeks.

“Hurricane Ida is still resulting in the shutdown of millions of barrels of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Patrick DeHaan with Gasbuddy.com.. “Maybe not millions at this point, but about 50 percent of offshore oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is offline.”

Mississippi’s average is $2.78 per gallon, compared with the national average of $3.18.

What you’re paying in central Mississippi is generally right at or below that state average. $2.67 is the cheapest in Philly. $2.69 is the cheapest reported in Kosciusko. Carthage had some of the highest prices in the area, $2.84 and $2.89, at a couple of stations.