Why Gas Prices May Be Dropping Soon


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Mississippi gas prices on average now almost 40 cents below the national average. The national average is $3.15 per gallon. The Mississippi average is $2.76.

“So, good news for motorists, expect prices to continue falling this week,” said Patrick DeHaan, chief of petroleum analysis with Gasbuddy.com. “If you don’t need gas, don’t get it. Prices will be coming down.”

He said COVID has a lot to do with demand for gas across the country.

“A lot of this is concern over something that hasn’t slowed down at all in the past couple of weeks and that’s the global surge in COVID cases brought on by the Delta variant,” said DeHaan.

The reason that affects gas prices is the anticipation that demand will be lower than normal.

Gas in Philadelphia ranged anywhere from $2.69 to $2.89. It was right around the average in Carthage. Just a little more expensive in Kosciusko. One station there has is for $2.92, and it’s $2.89 out on the interstate in Pickens.