Why You’re Paying More for Gas and May Be for a While


KOSCIUSKO, Miss.–You may have noticed you’re paying more for gas. In the past couple of days it’s gone up in central Mississippi and everywhere else, too, due to an energy shortage in China and one in Europe. Gasbuddy’s Patrick DeHaan believes you may not see any relief for a while.

“Basically, we’re at a point where supply is not keeping up with demand and that is pushing the price higher,” he said.

China has a shortage of coal and Europe has a shortage of natural gas. Instead, they are opting to burn crude oil, which is exacerbating a shortage caused by OPEC’s decision not to increase oil production.

“I don’t expect much relief in gas prices, potentially for the next couple of months, as long as this energy crunch persists,” said DeHaan.

Mississippi’s average was $2.84 Thursday morning. The national average was $3.23 per gallon.

You likely won’t find anything cheaper than $2.74 in Philly. The most expensive there was $3 per gallon at a Shell. One station in Kosciusko had it for $2.99.