Witness Describes Tragic Collision That Killed Six


A witness to Monday’s horrific head-on collision in Kosciusko says she was two cars behind the former sheriff of Choctaw County and his wife, when another vehicle in the other lane of traffic pulled out to pass..

“I knew in that moment, whatever they were trying to do, they were going to hit someone.  And they did.”

Tyanna Williams says there was no time for Mike and Jan Hutchinson’s car to swerve out of the way…

“It was nothing they could do to avoid getting hit.”

The former sheriff and his wife were killed along with the four teenagers in the other car– Devonte Ashford, 16, Marvin March, 17, Kobe Vaugns, 15, and Travon Simmons, 15.   The Hutchinsons lived in McCool and the teenagers were all from Kosciusko.   Williams says it was a violent impact with the teenagers’ car flying up into the air and bursting into flames.

“Once I saw the fire start, I knew this is really going to end up being a tragedy.”

She says several drivers got out their cars to see if they could help…

“It was nothing that we could do.  We were just helpless.  And we just started praying.    And my heart really breaks for everyone involved.”

The wreck remains under investigation.

“The Kosciusko Police Department is the lead investigator on this crash being assisted by the Miss. Highway Patrol,” says Lead Investigator Greg Collins.  “They have their own accident reconstructionist that will come out and do an investigation on the crash.”