Wounded Soldier from Durant Gets New Truck


As we approach Veteran’s Day this weekend, a retired Army sergeant from Durant who was wounded in combat in Afghanistan is now driving a new truck– a gift from the Wounded Warriors Family Support group and the business services company Assurant.   Kevin Gatson was injured in 2010 when a bomb exploded as he was climbing over a wall…

“I instantly lost, basically, half of my left leg.”

Doctors were able to save Gatson’s other injured leg but he spent almost four years in a hospital, undergoing more than 60 surgeries.   He was already able to drive but the new truck he received in Atlanta this week is specially modified…

“Having hand controls, if something is ever going on with my right leg, I’ll still be able to be mobile because I’ll be able to drive the vehicle, as far as braking and gas, using my hands instead of my feet.”

Gatson says he appreciates what Wounded Warriors Family Support is doing….

“It’s a blessing.  And it’s a wonderful thing and a wonderful organization.”

Martin Duarte is the group’s programs coordinator.  He says they have about 18 other combat-wounded veterans on their waiting list to receive vehicles.  But he says, even though they have partners who help, it still takes money to make it happen….

“The funding comes from the American people.  They have been supporting us since 2014 when this program started.  We definitely welcome any donations, any amounts.  Every little amount counts.”

You can find out more at www.wwfs.org.