A local real estate agency shares on the job safety tips


Every day is something different at Mike Tinsley’s Realty in Philadelphia. Because of that, Office Manager Kandi Sanderson said all eight agents employed by MTR take several precautions when showing a listing.

“All of our agents are going to have a gun on them. Luckily we’ve never had that situation. I think it would just be a situation where they just have to handle it off the cuff, so to say. But none of our agents go out without a gun in the truck,” said Sanderson.

Sanderson said agents never meet a client they don’t already know or haven’t at least spoken to over the phone and they always tell someone where they’re going.

“If they’re going to show something, they’ll usually tell me, ‘I’ve got the keys to such and such,’ so I know where they’re at. Someone in the office generally knows where the others are,” said Sanderson.

Maxine Posey is an agent with MTR. She said she feels safe when doing her job, because she is always sure of her surroundings.

“Just be cautious and ever-observant. Keep your distance at first. Stay in a situation where you can cut and run if you feel uneasy. I have never been uneasy very many times,” said Posey.