Gas Prices in MS Falling Slowly After 30-Cent Jump

After climbing for two weeks, the price of gas in Mississippi has started falling slowly.  AAA says the average price statewide peaked at $3.18 on Saturday after a 30-cent jump.   It's dropped a couple of cents since then. The auto club says Leake County... Read More.

AAA: Gas Prices Drop After 19-Cent Christmas Jump

The price of gas is starting to come back down across Mississippi.  AAA says the average price statewide peaked Saturday at just over $2.90 a gallon and has been falling slowly since then.  The auto club says the latest increase-- which was blamed on... Read More.

Biggest Gas Price Jump Since June in MS

Gas is getting more expensive in Mississippi.   AAA says the average price statewide is up more than three cents since Tuesday, now at $3.09.  It's the biggest one-day increase since the spring price spike ended in June.   And the auto club says there are... Read More.

Golden Knights to Jump into Redstone’s Army Birthday Celebration

The United States Army Parachute Team – popularly known as the Golden Knights – are scheduled to jump into Redstone Arsenal’s celebration honoring the Army’s 247th birthday on June 11 with a precision free-fall that demonstrates their formidable capabilities.The Golden Knights aerial demonstration is... Read More.