Men With Guns Reported in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.--Four men armed with guns were reported in a car in Philadelphia Friday night.The person who called police told them that four men were in a red Honda on Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., and that one of them had a ski mask... Read More.

Chainsaw Disturbs the Peace, Wanted Men Caught

CARTHAGE, Miss.--A person with a chainsaw was reported running it at 8:35 in the neighborhood, "keeping the neighbors up", Friday evening.Cartage Police responded to the call on Pearl St.At 8:45 an officer reported back that he had talked to the man and told him... Read More.

Men tried cashing lottery tickets with glued-on numbers

Two men were arrested after trying to cash in fake lottery tickets, police said.Flowood police received a call from the Mississippi Lottery Corporation around 9:20 Monday morning about two men trying to pass a fake lottery ticket.After speaking with officials, officers learned that the... Read More.