An Attempted Horse Warning, Then a Wreck

EDINBURG, Miss.--While on a medical run just before 2 Saturday morning, an EMT called Leake County communications over the radio to warn them that a horse was out close to the highway on Hwy. 16 east, at Midway Rd., near Edinburg.Dispatchers checked records to... Read More.

Flash Flood warning issued for Leake and Neshoba Counties

The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for portions of Leake and Neshoba Counties.The warning is in effect through 12:30 pm.Always remember to never drive through flooded roadways.Turn around. Don't drown!Stay tuned to Kicks 96.7 and continue to monitor for... Read More.

Before The Storms, A High Wind Warning Is In Effect

From the National Weather Service….   ..HIGH WIND WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 8 AM THIS MORNING TO 7 PM CDT THIS EVENING...* WHAT...South winds sustained 25 to 35 mph with widespread gusts to 55 mph expected. Isolated gusts up to 60mph. These winds will occur... Read More.

Breaking: Flood Warning issued for Attala, Leake

Local- Flood warnings have been issued for Attala and Leake Counties. The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings throughout the state including Attala and Leake County. The Yockanookany River near Kosciusko and Ofahoma as well as the Pearl River near Edinburg and Carthage... Read More.