B-MO in the MO’rning – Meet Mallory Johnson (Audio/Video)


(Brian Montgomery) Last Time on B-MO in the MO’rning we met the 4-time East Coast Music Award winner, 4-time CCMA nominated and 2022 top 10 artist for the prestigious SiriusXM Top of the Country competition Mallory Johnson.

She’ll be performing tonight with our current Mississippi Songwriter of the Year Naomi Taylor tonight at Duling Hall in Jackson. Tickets are $15, showtime is 8pm and you can purchase your tickets at Ticketmaster by clicking here.

Be sure to pick up her latest album “Suprise Party” at either iTunes or at Spotify and be sure to follow her on Facebook by clicking here or at Mallory Johnson Music.com

We’d like to thank Lydia Martin from Duling Hall for connecting us with Dani Strong with Taylor Entertainment and Mallory Johnson.

 Mallory Johnson Segment One


Mallory Johnson Segment Two

Mallory Johnson Segment Three