New Drop Off and Pick Up Policies for Neshoba Central (Audio)


(Brian Montgomery) As the new school year begins for many it will be the beginning of a long journey, for others another school year and for the senior class, the beginning of their final year in school. What all will find, along with construction will be lots of traffic, something the officials and school resource officers will do their best to prevent.


Neshoba County Sheriff Deputy Chris Strickland spoke with B-MO in the MO’rning with regards to what parents can expect on their first morning and how school officials and law enforcement can assist you in making your back-to-school experience and trip a safe and faster one.


School Resource Officer Strickland’s advice that parents take photos of their children at home and that there is no reason to exit their vehicle.


Dropping off your children at the elementary school will be an easier than 1,2,3 and the help of faculty this year.


New time for picking up students will also be advised and enforced this school year as well.