Trouble With Two Drivers Friday Night


CARTHAGE, Miss.–A chronic careless driver was arrested Friday night in Leake County, and deputies showed restraint in not pursuing the man because they knew where to pick him up.

A call came in about 7 p.m., according to police radio traffic, about a reckless driver cutting donuts. Deputies then determined the driver of a blue mustang took off down Hwy. 487. Someone who was listening to their scanner called and told deputies she had seen the Mustang, so they knew his direction and location.

Since the man was familiar to them, they waited a few minutes and went to his house near Hwy. 25, where they picked him up. The man had previous excessive speeding and careless driving convictions in Carthage, Philadelphia and Madison County.

Another Pursuit

About 11:30 Friday night Carthage Police arrested a man after a short pursuit. The person was headed south on Hwy. 35 when police were able to box him in.