Woman Says Reckless Driver Tried to Run Her Off the Road


CARTHAGE, Miss.–A woman called 911 Saturday morning about 7:30 in Leake County, and said that a silver Chevy Silverado was speeding and that the driver tried to run her off the road when she tried to pass.

At the time of the 911 call, the vehicles were coming into the city limits on Hwy. 35 south, headed north.

“She did admit that they were going over 120 mph when she tried to pass the truck,” said a dispatcher who took the call.

Once the woman was able to pass the truck, the truck stayed on her bumper until the police pulled the truck over.

It was discovered with a computer check that the truck was registered to a man in Forest, and that the tag was expired. There was also no insurance on the truck.

It was unclear from radio traffic if the driver, who was not the person listed on the registration, was arrested.