Fewer Flu Cases Reported in Mississippi


We’re still seeing a steady drop in the number of flu cases across Mississippi.  The statewide flu rate is down to 5.3 per cent, the lowest since early November.  That’s the percentage of patients seeing a doctor with flu-like symptoms. And it’s dropped from 6.6 per cent the previous week.  Mississippi’s flu rate peaked at just under ten per cent the week before Christmas.   And while a couple of public health districts in north Mississippi are seeing an increase in cases, the numbers in this part of central Mississippi continue to come down.  In the district which includes Holmes and Attala counties, the flu rate–although still high– has decreased to just under 26 per cent after reaching 42 per cent in late December.  The flu rate in the district which includes Leake and Neshoba counties has dropped to 5 per cent.