Fire destroys Louisville apartment complex- VIDEO


James Gant, his wife and grandchild were sleeping inside their Louisville apartment Tuesday morning when the fire started.

“My wife got up to use the bathroom. It had to have been after 5:00. She called me so I got up. And I looked and saw smoke coming out of the living room. So my dumb self went into the living room to see what it was and smoke pushed me back out,” said Gant.

Gant and his family managed to get out of the burning building alive. The other people living in the four-unit complex also made it out safely.

“Me and her both went knocking on doors to let them know there was a fire in the building. It was just a whole bunch of smoke. We didn’t see a fire at the time,” said Gant.

Gant and the other tenants lost everything.

“Whole lot of pictures and mementos, my kids from when they were small. We had pictures of me and my wife when we were out having a nice time. All that is gone now. We both need clothes, that’s the main thing and a place to stay would really help too, because right now we have no place to stay,” said Gant.

A tragic start to the holidays for victims of the fire who say they aren’t sure what they’ll do next.

The Red Cross is helping fire victims. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.