Audio: Meet the “Problem Solver”, Mr Tim Hobby of T&K Farms with B-MO!


May be an image of 2 people and outdoorsB-MO in the MO’rning – In the confusion of chaos, he is clarity. In the panic, he remains calm and is the answer to the question “what do we do now?” I’m referring to Tim Hobby, the owner / operator of T&K Farms LLC, which is located in Louisville since 2010. Surviving an F4 tornado in 2014 with his wife Kim, which cut across Winston County and devastated the area including his poultry farm operation. Tim’s motto, “you ask God on a daily basis not why does this happen, but how do we get through it” explains where the positivity comes from and watching it in action is an amazing thing in the toughest situations.

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T&K Farms LLC handles land and site clearing services, trucking and construction, they haul gravel, sand, dirt, site prep and is also the Woodmizer equipment dealer for 5 states. They provide a great deal of services for Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas. Tennessee, Mississippi and parts of Florida. They carry portable and industrial saw mills, provide service and coming up this morning on the show, you’ll hear how Tim, Woodmeizer and several county departments of corrections, are rehabilitating prisoners with skills that they can use when they return to society and how Johnny Boswell’s donation of the trees taken from the station property. will benefit the Winston County Department of Corrections.

Immediately after the show, you’ll be able to hear portions of the interview this morning on the website and in it’s entirety on BMO’s BTEAM Podcast as well.

For more information on T&K Farms, visit their Facebook page here and be sure to listen this morning beginning at 7:30! Thank you Tim for all you’ve done to help us here at Boswell Media and thank you to your crew with Johnny Myers as well for listening!


T&K Farms – 1128 Liberty Rd, Louisville MS, 39339 Phone (662) 803-4332


Here is the audio from this morning with Tim Hobby:


B-MO and Chris Davis recap the events from the afternoon of September with Ashlee Davis before talking to Johnny Boswell and special guest Tim Hobby of T&K Farms


B-MO & Breck talk with Tim about the equipment used for the clean up during the project


B-MO & Chris Davis wrap up the interview with Tim 


B-MO and Johnny Boswell wrap up the discussion on the clean up and the arrival of the new tower