Neshoba Central High School’s Head Football Coach is “Ruff” and Ready! (Audio)


(Brian Montgomery) The Neshoba Central Rockets introduced their new head football coach last week, when in theory he really didn’t need one at all. Anyone who’s son or daughter has attended NCHS knows exactly who Shannon Ruffin is. His commitment to the students and student athletes of the school is apparent in every thing he does. Whether it’s pacing the sidelines on Friday nights, to watching batting practice, to being a PA announcer, Coach Ruffin is everywhere.

One of the first things you’ll notice about him (other than his size) is the huge heart he has on his sleeve when it comes to his family and that includes his adopted one with regards to the student body and facility. It’s an opportunity, to prepare young men to be successful not only as players but off it as well.

What I respect first foremost about the man I had the chance to spend some time with on Wednesday is his devotion. His devotion to GOD, his devotion to his wife of 24 years Felicia Ruffin. A subject that made his eye a little misty as he spoke and lastly his devotion to his players.

“It’s Faith, Family, Football” he said time and time again throughout our interview. The journey has begun for this man among men, and something tells me it’s going to be path others will want to follow.


Below is the entire interview with Coach Ruffin and is titled according to subject:


The Journey Begins


Mehki Gaddis


Zach Ruffin


Freshmen and First Timers


The Coaches and Challenges of 6A


Mrs Ruffin