Neshoba Co. Supervisor candidates ready for primary election


Four candidates are hoping to represent District 4 as Supervisor for the next four years. Allen White, Marty Sistrunk, Todd Pilgrim and Kevin Wilcher are all republican candidates, hoping to be elected in the August primary.

Allen White is the incumbent and president of the Neshoba County Board of Supervisors. White was elected in 2015 and said he always does his best to bring integrity and respect to the job.

“I really would appreciate the opportunity to serve the people of Neshoba County as I have in the last four years. We’ve had a fantastic four years. We’ve overcome a lot of hurdles,” said White.

Of his time as supervisor, White said he is proud of what he’s seen accomplished, but he is excited to get even more work done, in the future.

Todd Pilgrim is a life-long Neshoba County resident and successful businessman. He said if elected supervisor, he would treat it like a full-time job and would bring attention to something he says many folks are unhappy with in the county.

“I would designate more of the budget toward the roads. The roads have been neglected in the past. We need to get them back in order for our kids on school buses, traveling the roads,” said Pilgrim.

Pilgrim also said he would be a hands-on supervisor that the people can count on.

Kevin Wilcher has been a businessman for over 30 years and said he has what it takes to help Neshoba County grow, economically and fundamentally.

“We can’t keep taxing the people of Neshoba County. We’ve got to come up with something better. We’ve got to put businesses in place to gather more revenue for the county,” said Wilcher.

Wilcher also said he is running for District 4 Supervisor, because he not only cares about the people who live in Neshoba County, but the community, itself and wants to see it thrive.

The fourth candidate, Marty Sistrunk, was not available for comment.

If no candidate receives a majority of the vote, there will be a runoff election on August 27th.