Neshoba County Schools aiming higher

The Mississippi Department of Education released the latest performance accountability results for school districts this week.

“It’s the first time that the district has ever had B rating back-to-back without a waiver from the MDE (Mississippi Department Education). That’s something we are excited about and we also grew 8 more points to 641. We’re always looking to grow, looking to improve, getting better every day, and this is proof that we’re doing that,” says NCSD Superintendent Dr. Lundy Brantley.

The elementary school also kept its A rating. The middle school retained its B and the high school went from a C last year to a B this year.

“Our elementary and middle school really spiked and they jumped a lot. To be able to hold what they had is really impressive. It’s like a stock market. When you spike, sometimes you have to be prepared for a drop. They did so well and maintained what they had. Now we want to continue to grow, get better, and increase our proficiency level,” says Brantley.

The superintendent says the district’s goal for next year is to work for an A.

“We use our scores to measure our students and staff as far as what we need to do next to help our kids improve. We have to keep that growth mindset, when we’re constantly trying to grow every day. We’re growing ourselves, growing our students in the process and that’s how we use our scores,” says Brantley.

The grading system, which is ranked from A to F, is based on state test scores, participation rate, graduation rate, student progress, and college and career readiness.

The numbers will not be official until they’re voted on and passed by the state Board of Education Thursday.