Mayor shares 2020 goals for The Fair City


Mayor James Young says 2019 was a successful year for Philadelphia, but he hopes 20-20 is even better. One of his goals for the year is fixing and maintaining the roads.

“One of the main things you will see hopefully this year is the bridge project on highway 19 down near the hospital. Some street improvements, hopefully all over, pending on finances. Barring any major storms, we hope to do a little bit more on the paving side this coming year,” said Mayor Young.

Mayor Young said he’s happy with the development of downtown and hopes to see even more retailers move to Philadelphia this year.

“We’re seeking more retail. A few new businesses are coming, small businesses, but hey that’s the driver of what we are in this area. We’re starting off 2020 with a great year, riding around town seeing the businesses’ parking lots being full,” said Young.

Young said he wants to make Philadelphia one of the best cities in East Central Mississippi.

“That’s my goal. That’s my passion. Fulfilling that in one day, in one year isn’t possible. You got to get up every day and think how I am going to make this community better,” said Young.