Mississippi Gas Likely to Remain Cheapest in 2024

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–You will likely be paying a bit more for gas in early 2024, said Patrick DeHaan, head of Petroleum Analysis, with Gasbuddy.com. But, Mississippi still has the cheapest gas in the country and DeHaan expects that will continue.
“There are still some stations in the state where gas is above $3 a gallon, impressively,” he said. “There are some where it’s still $2.37.”
Kosciusko is in the middle with several stations selling gas for $2.69. It was the same over the weekend in Carthage, though one station had it for $2.57. Some of the most expensive gas in the state was being sold at a station in Philadelphia at $3.49 per gallon.
“A lot of it is depending on competition, the day of the week the station bought the gasoline. The cost of doing business is different in some areas.”
DeHaan said he expects Mississippi’s average to top out in the first half of the year, likely spring, from $2.81 to $3.10, which is a significant jump from where it is now. But, he described the jump as “seasonal”.
He said for now gas will decline further because of the excess that has been reported to the federal government.