Woman Believes Her Co-Workers Are Part of Witch Coven


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Philly Police were called to an apartment on Golf Course Rd. Saturday evening at 8:05, when a woman’s mother called and said her 43-year-old daughter was having delusions that her co-workers were part of a witch’s coven and were trying to sacrifice her.

The mother told police she had taken all possible weapons from her daughter.

It was unclear from police communication whether they were able to break up the coven, release any spells or whether they had any trouble from the woman once they got there.

Man Welding

At 8:24 p.m. Neshoba County deputies were called to a house on County Rd. 101 when a woman told police a man was welding in her yard.

It was unclear whether the man actually had a rig in the woman’s yard.