Your Taxes Could Be Going Up in Philly

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.--Your taxes could be going up in Philadelphia. City aldermen voted on raising over $366,000 more per year for the city budget by bumping taxes up. They had a public hearing Wednesday, the voted 3 to 2 in favor of the increase. The increase could be used to fund a raise for city employees. One alderman says he believes it will also be used to make the city more economically competitive.

The Manhole Covers Are Coming Off in Carthage

CARTHAGE, Miss.--You'll soon have to watch out for workers in the middle of the street in Carthage, and the manhole covers will be off, too. The city says starting Monday they'll be using a special kind of smoke to find leaks and breaks in the sewer system. It's not harmful, but you should look out for the workers who are doing it. They hope to be done by Oct. 1.

Your Congressman Says He’s OK With the President Criticizing the Governor

WASHINGTON-President Biden and Governor Tate Reeves have had words for each other over the past week after Biden's order mandating companies to make employees get the COVID-19 vaccine. Congressman Bennie Thompson says he's A-okay with Biden's Thursday speech, in which he criticized Reeves directly. “Some of the same governors attacking me are in states with the strictest vaccine mandates for children attending school in the entire country,” said Biden. “For example in Mississippi, children are required to be vaccinated against... Read More.

Dobbs: 72 Babies Stillborn; Monocolonal Treatment in Central Miss.

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.--Monocolonal antibody treatments are available in every county in central Mississippi, and for now the federal government in footing the bill, according the Miss. Dept. of Health's website. "So to protect the moms and also to protect our babies, we need to prevent COVID infection and we need to look at getting the antibodies if pregnant women get COVID," said state health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs, in a Thursday briefing. LINK: A list of 249 places that offer monocolonal... Read More.

Hybrid Learning to Be Re-Evaluated

CARTHAGE, Miss.--Both Leake County and Kosciusko Schools have kids in hybrid learning, alternating days in the classroom and virtual instruction. That situation could change at the end of October and it could be a sign that the pandemic is slowing in the state. "As we were working to get kids back to in-person learning this fall, Delta slowed that down a little bit. So, the board voted to allow the hybrid option again," said Pete Smith, chief of communications with... Read More.

Teacher Pay Raise Discussed, Gov. Approves of the Idea

JACKSON, Miss.--Mississippi teachers, at almost every level of expertise and experience, make less than the average for the southeastern United States. The Mississippi Senate Education Committee held a discussion on how to change that Wednesday. "The teacher salary schedule is set by law," said Dr. Felicia Gavin, Chief of Operations with the Miss. Dept. of Education, as she rolled slides showing the teacher  salary schedule. ""The teacher's salary is based on their years of experience as well as the level of... Read More.

Fewer People Getting the Vaccine; More Coronavirus Deaths in Central Miss.

CARTHAGE, Miss.--Fewer people are getting the COVID-19 vaccine this month, according to data from the Miss. Dept. of Health. Mississippi still has the lowest vaccine rate of any state in the country. The rate at which people get the vaccine tends to go up when the number of cases go up, and vice versa. As the Delta variant has started to slow, the number of vaccines per week has also gone down. It was at a peak in the middle... Read More.

Your Entergy Bill Is About to Go Up

CARTHAGE, Miss.--If you're on Entergy for lights, your bill is about to go up. Beginning in October a rate increase approves by the Mississippi Public Service Commission goes into effect. For the average residential customer, a bill will go up about $2.15 per month. Entergy requested the increase to help them offset costs incurred by ad valorem taxes they pay in each county. State law allows them to request rate increases to help pay those taxes.