Central Mississippi Gas Is Not Hot Air


CARTHAGE, Miss.–Mississippi has the cheapest gas in the United States, even though the state average has surpassed $3.06 per gallon, said Gasbuddy’s head of Petroleum Analysis Patrick DeHaan. He says prices are likely to keep climbing.

Carthage has the cheapest in central Mississippi. One station there was selling it for $2.87 late Thursday. Philadelphia has some of the most expensive in the state, with one station selling it for $3.49.
In Kosciusko a couple of stations had it for $3.09. On the interstate it was also $3.09.
“Unfortunately I don’t think this is going to be an end to the increases,” said DeHaan. “Typically increases last through about April or May before things start to slow down. We could potentially see Mississippi’s state average rising another 10 to 20 cents a gallon before the increases come to an end.”
This time, DeHaan says the increases are seasonal and have less to do with the price of oil, though it has increased to above $80 per barrel.
“We have now made the switch over to the summer blend of gasoline. Refineries are continuing maintenance and demand is starting to go up as Americans travel for things like spring break.”
DeHaan said you could see prices dip below $3 per gallon possibly in the summer, but substantial decreases are more likely when demand starts to go back down in the fall. A cheaper blend of gas is also used in the fall and winter months.