State Requests Disaster Declaration For June Tornadoes


Leake, Neshoba and 14 other counties would be reimbursed for most of what they spent in cleaning up debris left behind by some of last month’s tornadoes– if the White House approves the state’s request for a major disaster declaration.  Malary White with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency says about $9 million in public expenses involving storm debris have been identified…

“Gov. Reeves signed the request and now it’s in the hands of the President to make his decision.”

If approved, the money would help to cover the cost of removing storm debris and monitoring that process…

“Whatever you pick up has to be monitored and weighed to be eligible for the reimbursement.”

There is no money in the state’s request for individual disaster assistance in Leake, Neshoba and most of the other counties because there wasn’t enough damage to qualify.  However, the White House is being asked to approve assistance for individual storm victims in the two counties that were hardest-hit by the tornadoes between June 14 and June 19th—Jackson and Jasper.