An Accident with Injuries, An Open Door, and Domestic Disputes in Leake


Monday 1/30/23

At 7:44 p.m. Leake County Deputies, Madden Volunteer Fire Department, EMS, and MS Hwy Patrol were dispatched to a one-vehicle crash on Hwy 488 near Hanna Rd.  It was reported that the vehicle flipped several times.  The driver of the vehicle walked away from the accident with only minor injuries.

12:04 a.m. – Leake Deputies were sent to an accident on Union Road with no injuries.

1:37 a.m. – Leake Deputies checked on a residential alarm on Grand Avenue in Lena.

9:13 a.m. – Leake Deputies were called about a tree down blocking the Natchez Trace near Bell Road.

9:30 a.m. – Carthage Police were sent to a domestic disturbance on Naylor Street.

11:42 a.m. – Carthage Police were asked to assist a stranded motorist by the Library on E Franklin Street.

1:56 p.m. – Carthage Police checked on a domestic dispute on Jordan Street.

4:38 p.m. Carthage Police checked a residential alarm on Jackson Avenue.

5:32 p.m. – Leake Deputies were called to a home on Storm Road when the resident returned home and found an open door.

7:41 p.m. – Leake Deputies responded to a reported domestic disturbance on Live Oak Road.

8:02 p.m. –  Carthage Police responded to a second domestic dispute on Naylor Street.

10:51 p.m. – Leake Deputies were sent to Cemetary Road in the Standing Pine area when a caller stated that an unknown person was beating on the door of the residence.

11:03 p.m. – Leake Deputies checked an alarm at the Lena Pit Stop on Grand Ave.