Attala County Deputy falls ill during arrest; Fentanyl could be to blame


Yesterday morning (March 6, 2024), Deputy Braxton Goza’s routine arrest took a concerning turn when he began feeling unwell after apprehending James Ganey on a bench warrant.  Goza was rushed to the emergency room while another deputy continued with Ganey’s transport to Leake County Correctional Facility.

Suspicions arose when some of Ganey’s possessions tested positive for fentanyl, a potent opioid.  Authorities promptly notified Leake County to take precautions upon Ganey’s arrival.

Sheriff Curtis Pope says that no other deputies have exhibited similar symptoms, and the source of Goza’s sudden medical emergency remains unclear.  ACSO has confirmed that Deputy Goza was wearing gloves while he searched Ganey, but airborne exposure to Fentanyl is a possibility.

Deputy Braxton Goza is now recuperating at home.