Mississippi Songwriter of the Year Naomi Taylor Talks About Her Big Win This Morning with B-MO (Audio) (Photos)


B-MO in the MO’rning – Naomi or Nae Taylor finally took her place among the winners of Boswell Media’s Mississippi Songwriter of the Year on Saturday. She joins the ranks of Chapel Hart, Brandon Greene, Wayward Jones and Zechariah Lloyd. This year’s big event was unlike any previous, with a winner take all first place package and no 2nd or 3rd place prizes.

Naomi will receive a thousand dollar recording contract, a chance to record a music video with the help of the Mississippi State Communications Department and she’ll have the chance to visit Muscle Shoals, where she’ll perform and visit iconic recording studios such as Wishbone Studios, Fame Recording Studio and the legendary Muscle Shoals Recording Studios were The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd recorded their legendary hits.

Naomi is a testament to what paying dues is all about, as she not only attended college, but had a relentless performing schedule as well. Then add to that she teaches privately and tries to find a way to balance her home life.


All the photos from this Saturday’s event are available by clicking this link here!



B-MO had the chance to sit down with her this past Saturday night to discuss her big win, but the year leading up to it and how she balances everything as well.