MSU Riley Center announces spring, summer and concert series


The MSU Riley Center has announced its lineup for the 2020 spring/summer arts series, with next year’s series offering a little something for everyone.

The 2020 spring/summer arts series lineup consists of concerts, theater, and dance as well as showing independent films.

“It’s kind of a way to get people excited about it. We purposely don’t spill the beans until this moment. By then there’s a lot of buzz afterward because now we know what’s coming up. Then we’re going to give away a pair of tickets to one of these folks will get a session pass,” says Riley Center executive director, Daniel Barnard.

And that lucky person was Braxton Spahos.

“The Riley Center is a tremendous place to come for cultural events. It makes me happy that I’m coming for the season in the spring and summer,” says Barnard.

One film that’s coming to Meridian “Lula Del Ray” is having organizers say.

“It’s the coolest show ever. It’s like people are creating a movie in front of the audience. You can watch the creation on the big screen and you can also watch it being made in real-time on stage. It’s the coolest thing ever. Once people get a taste of that kind of show, they are going to want more after that,” says Barnard.

Riley Center executive director, Daniel Barnard says they are coming up with ways to attract a younger audience.

“We also have some specific goals of attracting younger audiences and audiences that are more diverse. You’ll see over time certain shows that we do will be aimed at that. It’s a new direction for us,” says Barnard.

The season begins on February 6 at 7:30 pm with a performance from Lyle Lovett.