Republican runoff set in Mississippi governor’s race


Tate Reeves and Bill Waller, Jr., will be in a runoff for the Republican nomination.

Here’s how the raw numbers stood:
Tate Reeves (GOP) 179,065 49%
Bill Waller Jr. (GOP) 122,234 33%
Reeves, the state’s current lieutenant governor, was considered by many to be the GOP front-runner because of his tenure in the high-profile role as leader of the state Senate and previous service as state treasurer, plus his endorsement by Gov. Phil Bryant.

However, Waller, an attorney who served 21 years on the Mississippi Supreme Court, and the last 10 years as chief justice, has earned the respect of conservatives. Plus, Waller inherited a political legacy. His father, Bill Waller, Sr., served as Mississippi governor from 1972 to 1976, as a Democrat, when governors by law were prevented from serving consecutive terms.

The runoff is Aug. 27. Registered voters who cast Republican ballots Aug. 6 or who did not vote may participate in the GOP runoff.