Tips to keep from becoming a victim of theft (Audio)

Neshoba County and the city of Philadelphia have been struck by a recent string of thefts throughout the area. Items have been stolen from both residential and commercial properties. While authorities investigate the crimes, there may be a few ways you can keep from becoming a victim.

Cars, home appliances, lawnmowers and more have all been reported stolen in Philadelphia and Neshoba County recently. And while thefts can happen to anyone at any time, law enforcement says there are some things you can do to make it less likely to happen to you.

“I would advise all of our citizens to put locks on their sheds and outside facilities containing their tools, ATVs. Put chains around it to help keep those things in. Just make sure you have a secure perimeter,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Lindsey Kidd.

Neshoba County Sheriff’s Deputy Lindsey Kidd says if you see anything suspicious, report it immediately so law enforcement can get to work and maybe even prevent a crime from happening.

“Theft in the city and county has been on the rise for a little bit now. We are taking this very seriously and we are going through every avenue to prevent these thefts from happening and solving the crimes that are happening,” said Deputy Kidd.

Kidd says law enforcement has a message for anyone responsible for or taking part in the thefts.

“We would definitely say that we are going to find you. You may be getting by but you are not getting away. It’s only a matter of time before you get caught so just do yourself a favor and stop it now,” said Deputy Kidd.

Kidd also says folks should never leave anything of value out where others can see or reach it.

If you know anything about thefts in the area, contact Neshoba County Sheriff’s Department, Philadelphia Police Department or your local Crimestoppers.