Daycare worker charged with child abuse


24 year old Elizabeth McGee of Philadelphia has been charged with the highest level of felony abuse of a child.

“On October 9th an investigator with the Mississippi State Department of Health reported an alleged child abuse that happened at a local day care, Stepping Stones. We took initial report, reviewed the evidence and charges were filed against the employee,” said Investigator Bobby Pattillo.

Investigator Pattillo said the Philadelphia Police Department handles all abuse cases with extreme concern, especially those involving children.

“Anytime there is a crime involving a child, we take those matters very seriously. This case is definitely under investigation and will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office for the next grand jury,” said Investigator Pattillo.

The victim in the case sustained a severe gash to the face and reportedly required several stiches. Due to the nature of the injury, McGee was charged at the highest level.

“The charge is felonious child abuse with serious bodily harm. It carries a sentence of anywhere from five years to life.”

Newscenter 11 spoke with the victim’s mother who did not want to talk on camera, but says in no way does the family blame Stepping Stones Learning Center for what happened.

McGee was released on a $5,000.00 bond.