Neshoba General Celebrates Nurses and Nursing Home Week with B-MO in the MO’rning!


B-MO in the MO’rning – It’s another busy week for the staff and management at Neshoba General Hospital, but while “National Nurses & Nursing Home Week” is celebrated across the country this week, Neshoba General’s appreciation for their staff  is something they feel deeply about every day. Their responsibilities are 365 days a year, with long hours, and

the busiest of work environments, but these are the best at what they do and are ready to not just meet the needs of the community, but exceed them.

What impressed me more than the genuine smiles and the professionalism of everyone I spoke with, was the length of employment of everyone I spoke with. Not a single person I spoke to had been employed with NGH for less than 5 years, however as CEO Lee McCall mentioned on the air, “they are always looking for talented, caring individuals with a passion for caring for the community.” I had the chance to speak with someone I always enjoy speaking with, either in person or e-mail and that’s Annette Watkins, the Marketing and PR Director of NGH who shared some news regarding not only the career opportunities available, but the incentives that are available for key positions as well.

We would like to thank the staff and administration for having be a part of their celebration, and especially would like to thank them for what they do for the community. If you would like to apply for any available positions, go to their website by clicking here and CNA classes will be held at the nursing home on the 23rd of this month.


Annette Watkins (Marketing & PR Director for Neshoba General Hospital) Why “National Nurses and Nursing Home Week” means so much to the staff and administration of NGH.


Annette Watkins (Marketing & PR Director for Neshoba General Hospital) On the nationwide shortages for Nurses and CNA, and the incentives available for certain positions.


Annette Watkins (Marketing & PR Director for Neshoba General Hospital) CNA classes are available through NGH and Annette shares upcoming dates for classes.