Reckless Driver Reported at 70 mph Through City; Gun fired at Motel


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Just before 8 Thursdays night a reckless driver went through Philadelphia.

One person called 911 and reported a gray Dodge Durango with a Florida tag almost hit her daughter on Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. According to police radio traffic someone else reported that same SUV going about 70 mph, to their estimation, near the Philly Walmart.

It was unclear if police were able to catch up to that Durango.

Guns at the Motel

In another incident about 10:30 Thursday night, the manager at the Best Western motel on Hwy. 16 in Philly, called 911 to report that guns were being fired off behind the motel.

The caller told police that the people shooting the gun or guns had a room at the motel.

Police could be heard on the radio finding at least one shell casing. It was unclear if they made an arrest.