$10K Lottery Ticket Unclaimed in Philadelphia


Somebody who bought a lottery ticket in Philadelphia back in the spring is about to lose a lot of money, unless they act quickly.

“One person for the Mar. 28th drawing of Mega Millions won $10,000 on a ticket,” says Meg Annison with the Mississippi Lottery.  “And they have until this Friday to claim their winnings.”

“We do know where the ticket was purchased,” says Annison.  “It was purchased from Main Street Junction on West Beacon Street in Philadelphia.”

Here’s something else they know about the winning ticket:   “For someone to win $10,000 in Mega Millions, they would have to match four out of five of the white balls plus the Mega Ball.”

What’s not clear is whether it’s a local person who may have misplaced or never checked that winning ticket, or whether it was bought by somebody who might have been just passing through Philadelphia.