Cyber Monday: Bring on the online deals


Holiday shopping numbers have retailers in a jolly mood so far. Now, here comes Cyber Monday, a day of online deals.

The winter weather across the country will pose both benefits and challenges.

Holiday shopping is off and running – and numbers showing strength heading into the finale of a crucial five-day weekend.

According to Adobe Analytics, consumers spent a combined $11.6 billion online on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

Adobe pointed to the compressed calendar this holiday season, with six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas than last year and retailers pushing greater incentives for shoppers to finish lists early.

Some retailers didn’t even wait for Cyber Monday to unveil big online deals.

Consumers, showing more comfort with shopping from their smartphones, have rung up $2.9 billion in mobile sales,

The National Retail Federation says the big holiday deals won’t end with Cyber Monday, but there’s no guarantee that specific item you’re looking for will get marked down – or still be in stock – if you wait.

“There should be great deals all season long. We know consumers are at least expecting to see that. Whether they’ll get a better price on an individual item now versus later- that is difficult to say,” said Katherine Cullen of the National Retail Federation.

While it’s not expected to be the biggest shopping day of the Thanksgiving weekend – that honor went to Black Friday – shoppers will still have plenty of company and competition. NRF expects more than 68 million consumers to log on and check out Cyber Monday.