K-9 Colby and Deputy Edwards: Tackling Crime in Attala


The Attala County Sheriff’s Office is proud to introduce K-9 Colby and his handler, Deputy Jacob Edwards, to the public. Deputy Edwards, a seasoned member of ACSO with three years of service, has been partnered with K-9 Colby for approximately one year, and their collaboration is already making a significant impact in the community.

Trained at Southern State K-9 in Petal, MS, K-9 Colby is a highly skilled asset in the fight against narcotics and aiding in search and rescue operations. With a training regimen requiring 14 hours of monthly practice and annual recertification, Colby’s abilities are continuously being developed to ensure top-notch performance.

K-9 Colby’s capabilities extend beyond narcotics detection; he’s skilled at tracking missing persons and has lent his skills to assist neighboring law enforcement agencies.

Deputy Edwards and K-9 Colby’s partnership shows how committed the Attala County Sheriff’s Office is to improving public safety and fighting crime. They work tirelessly together, making a positive difference in the community.