Kemper County election results questioned in trial

Allegations of voter fraud have been made in Kemper County.

Chandler “Bernard” Rush who was in a runoff in August against District 5 Supervisor Chris Cole, said he believes the Democratic Primary was sabotaged by fraud.

A civil trial began Thursday in De Kalb to test claims that ballot boxes were tampered with and that absentee ballots were forged.

7 witnesses took the stand including 2 who said they didn’t vote in the primary but ballots with their names were cast on absentee ballots.

Priscilla Bolden said she hasn’t lived in Kemper County for years and wants to know how her name got on a ballot.

“Something suspicious is going on but I just want to tell the truth whether it was for Chris’ party or Bernard,” said Bolden. “I didn’t vote for either one of them so I was just shocked that my name was voted in.”

Christy Hamilton is an independent candidate running for the District 5 spot in the general election. She said the trial is affecting her campaign.

“It’s been difficult to try to campaign or put the effort into campaigning when you actually do not know who you’re campaigning against,” said Hamilton.

The trial ended around 5 Thursday evening and will continue Friday morning.