Leake County Man Charged with Aggravated Assault, DUI, & Trespassing


Leake County Deputies were called to an area of Cullen Rd. regarding a disturbance involving weapons at approximately 6 p.m. on Tuesday, November 28, 2023.  Deputies arrived to find Daniel Cochran, 65 of Leake county, and another male who had been in an altercation with Cochran.

According to the victim, he was walking out of the woods from hunting when Mr. Cochran appeared from the woods with a shotgun aimed toward him (the victim).  It was stated that the two wrestled over the shotgun and the victim eventually gained control of the weapon.  After the weapon was no longer in either person’s possession, Cochran is said to have pulled out a handgun and pointed it toward the back of the victim’s head.  The two scuffled again, and the weapon fired in the air.  The victim states that he eventually gained control of Cochran and held him down until help arrived.

Deputies spoke with Mr. Cochran at the scene, and he would only say that nothing happened.  It is reported that Cochran’s speech was slurred, he had to lean against a vehicle to stay on his feet, and he smelled of “an intoxicating beverage”.

Daniel Cochran was transported to Leake County Correctional Facility and has been charged with aggravated assault – use of deadly weapon, DUI – test refusal, and trespassing; willful or malicious.