Mississippi Songwriter of the Year Zechariah Lloyd joins B-MO in the MO’rning! (Audio/Video)

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Since his trip to Muscle Shoals Alabama, the reigning Mississippi Songwriter of the Year Zechariah Lloyd has been a “Travelin’ Man”, on the road performing, recording and then there’s the day job. The journey means as much the destination to him though, every mile marker is just a reminder that the trip is just beginning and what a trip it’s been!

The battle tested Mississippi native is a singer songwriter, armed with a guitar, note pad and wages his battle against the best and worst life throws his way. Zechariah won Boswell Media’s Mississippi Songwriter of the Year last year and that’s when the real journey began.

With the title of the Mississippi Songwriter of the Year comes an all-expense paid trip to Muscle Shoals, a recording session at the historic Wishbone Studios, a guided tour from Rhythm and Belew’s to historic Muscle Shoal Sound and Fame studios and more.

The final part of the prize is a chance to have a music video created by Mississippi State’s Department of Communications for the winning song.


This morning on B-MO in the MO’rning, we debuted both the song he recorded at Wishbone Studios “Travelin’ Man”, and his latest single “Hard Time Livin” on the air and we discussed his experience in Muscle Shoals, his new single and how you place your pre-orders for it.

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For a behind the scenes look at recording of Travelin’ Man see the video below:


Zechariah discusses how crazy things have been since winning Mississippi Songwriter of the Year


Zechariah discusses the recording experience of Travelin’ Man, his experience with the Mississippi Songwriter of the Year and Muscle Shoals magic!