Mother speaks out about alleged child abuse case at Philadelphia daycare


“Angry. Just confusion really as well. I don’t understand how you could slam a two year old on a cot.”

That’s how a mother said she felt as her worst nightmares became reality when she was shown a video, involving her son and a former employee at Stepping Stones Learning Center in Philadelphia.

“I saw him go and get a milk carton. He went to drink some. I guess it was empty. He threw it across the table. She picked him up by his left arm and his pants leg and took him over to the cot and threw him on it. When she threw who him on the cot his head hit the pipe and went back,” said the victim’s mother.

She said initially she was told her son had been running around, spilling milk and slipped. The victim sustained a major gash on his face and required seven stitches. The mom said she’s still in shock about the alleged incident and is still processing with loved ones.

“I really don’t see how it could’ve happened in a small town like this, especially to me. I thought that I was safe and that I was careful to make sure nothing would happen to my kid and it does. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, chances are something will happen either way,” said the mother.

Despite her anger, she said outside of legal proceedings, she wishes no ill will towards Elizabeth McGee, the former Stepping Stones employee charged in the case, or her family.

“I want him to have justice. I don’t want her to just get away with it. Her going away and her spending time in jail, her having to write down on every job application that she has a felony, it will remind her every time back to this little boy when she slammed him and know that she will regret it,” she said.

She said her son is getting back to his old self and isn’t letting his injury faze him.

McGee was released on a $5,000.00 bond. If convicted, she faces anywhere from 5 years to life in prison.