Philadelphia Jewelry Store Burgled, Two Arrested So Far


Philadelphia Police were alerted to a burglary at Johnny Sides Jewelry in Valley View Shopping Center on Friday, April 28th at approximately 4:00 a.m.  The tip came from two individuals while Philadelphia Police were on a traffic stop.

Officers arrived to find that there was no power to the building and the front door glass had been shattered.

As officers were searching the area, a male arrived and stated that he lived nearby and heard the glass break.  The tipsters also arrived at the scene and gave officers a cell phone that allegedly belonged to the burglar.  The two stated that the cell phone was found outside their nearby residence.

Surveillance footage showed an individual disabling the power to the building prior to breaking the glass and making entry.  Officers identified the owner of the phone as Tony McIntosh, a 48-year-old black male of Philadelphia.  McIntosh was later arrested along with Norman Dwight McKinney, a 27-year-old white male of Philadelphia who is also the person that told police he lived nearby and heard the glass break.  The two were booked into Winston County Jail on charges of Commercial Burglary.

An undisclosed amount of jewelry was stolen from the business and has yet to be recovered.  Philadelphia Police believe that the two original tipsters know the two men who were arrested and had knowledge of the burglary.

Philadelphia Police Chief, Eric Lyons says this incident is still under investigation and further arrests are possible.