Reckless Drivers and a High Speed Chase in Neshoba.


Monday, 8/22/22


8:19 a.m. – Neshoba deputies were asked to perform a welfare check on a subject at a residence on Hwy. 395.

4:11 p.m. – Philadelphia Police were called to the parking lot of the Wal-Mart to meet with a driver who said he was run off the road by a reckless driver in a rental truck and wanted to report it.

6:11. p.m. – Neshoba Deputies were called about a reckless driver on Hwy. 19 S.

9:17 p.m.  – Neshoba Deputies were called about 4-wheelers trespassing in the back yard of a residence on Road 101.

9:34 p.m. – Neshoba Deputies were involved in a high-speed chase on Hwy. 21 which ended when they reached Philadelphia where they took one person into custody.