Scam Alert




A scam threatening citizens of Philadelphia with arrest for not showing up for jury duty has been brought to the attention of the Philadelphia Police Department after the scammers used the department’s phone number.

Several complainants stated that the caller said that, since they had missed jury duty, a warrant for their arrest would be issued if the fine of $700 is not paid immediately.

The caller identifies himself as LT. Kenneth Mayes of the Philadelphia Police Department. The department does not employ anyone by that name, and no such warrant or fine exists.

We understand that it’s not uncommon or difficult for scammers to alter their caller IDs so it will appear as if the call is legit and from the Police Department. We would ask that anyone who receives a call requesting money, do not give them any. Anyone who is skeptical about the validity of these calls, please feel free to call the Police Department or court to verify the claim.